An Insider Look at The Torch

Why Connect Classes?

Discover a world of possibilities at Fierce! Our four-part Connect Class is your gateway to a richer relationship with God, meaningful connections with others, and a more vibrant role in the Fierce community. This is not just another church class; this is the beginning of a transformative journey!

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Class 1: God’s Plan for the Church

Discover Your Spiritual Home: Get an insider’s look at Fierce Church, meet our passionate leaders, and find out how you can fit into God’s amazing plan for His Church. Feel the warmth of a community that’s more like a family.

Class 2: God’s Plan for Progress

Unlock Your Potential: Learn the essential steps to spiritual growth and how to progress in your relationship with God. This isn’t just about information; it’s about transformation!

Class 3: God’s Plan for Equipping

Empower Your Journey: Dive into the essential tools and teachings that will equip you for life’s challenges and opportunities. Get ready to grow stronger, serve better, and shine brighter.

Class 4: God’s Plan for Salvation

Secure Your Eternity: Explore the priceless gift of salvation and find out how you can experience peace, purpose, and eternal life through Jesus Christ. Your journey begins now!

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