The Best “U” Is In Community

We’re sorry! Groups are closed right now.

Group sign-ups will reopen in January 2020.

Just like it says in the Torch of Faith Code, “The best ‘U’ is in community.”


Groups consist of 9-12 people who get together each week in a convenient location to learn about the Bible, grow and have fun together. Groups are integral to all that we do at Torch of Faith. As our church grows larger on Sunday, we grow smaller during the week. We encourage everyone to become involved in a Group on a weekly basis.

We believe that life is a team sport, best done together! Groups are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God and make a difference.

Torch of Faith groups are seasonal and last three months, which allows for a new group experience each semester. 

  • Winter: February, March, & April (Sign-up in January)
  • Summer: June, July, & August (Sign-up in May)
  • Fall: October, November, & December (Sign-up in September)


When you join a Group, you’ll have:


  • The opportunity to make new friends and study a topic you like
  • The opportunity to apply Biblical principles and topics to your life
  • The opportunity to serve our church and community through servant evangelism projects


We hope that as you become connected with the vision of Torch of Faith, you will take the next step and join a Group!


We'd love to pray for you or answer a question.


Sundays  |  9:30 & 11:00am

954 W. Brae Loch Road, Grayslake IL 60030