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Living Together Before Marriage

It is becoming increasingly common for couples to live together before pursuing a marriage commitment. When God first spoke about this issue, He said that both a man and woman would leave their parents and join together to form a new home and a new union in marriage...

What the Bible Says About Sex Before Marriage

Sex outside of marriage is one of the issues the Bible speaks about quite clearly as something that is not in God’s plan. But why is it such a big deal? Sex is not just physical. When people participate in sexual activity, they form an emotional and spiritual bond....

Dating God’s Way

There are no verses in the Bible that talk about dating—it wasn’t even in the first century’s vocabulary yet. But that doesn’t mean we should discount Scripture completely when it comes to this topic. Dating is a relationship—something that the Bible does talk about...
Dating God’s Way

Dating God’s Way

How do we honor God in our dating relationships? Here is some encouragement from God's Word.

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